So rough, shapeless or at least wierded shaped, that’s me–a stone. Created by God for His own house that He is building one stone at a time. And I’m supposed to take my place in the midst of all the other stones so that together we can be a wall, a unit that stands, that holds together, that brings glory to God.

But I don’t fit.

I’m too round, and too hard and too rough and too stinky. I don’t know how to fit in. I never have. I don’t think I ever will.

But my Dad, He smiles. He is not worried a bit.

Because my dad, He’s the master stone worker. He knows how to use every chisel in His toolbox, and He is not afraid of work. He is known for staying on the job until each stone is perfectly shaped to fit the next one, and the next one and the next one.

My Dad, He thinks He is building a church–a unit, a wall that won’t be broken. And He is patient. Very patient.

My not fitting in just right in no problem for Him. He never expected me to fit in just right at first. He knew all along that His masterpiece would take time, and time never deters Him. He owns it. He created it.

My not fitting in just right does not make Him want to throw me away. He knew what He was getting when He came to get me. He knows that only His chisel can make me fit. And that’s okay.

Because you see, my Father, He loves me. He thinks I’m a valuable stone in this wall that He’s building. He thinks I am irreplaceable. He calls me the apple of His eye.

And the wall He creates, it is full of stones like me. And the Father, He smiles, and keeps picking His stones, and keeps building His church. 

And the rough, shapeless or at least wierded shaped stone that I was, it is being transformed by His love. The roughness is turning soft, the shapelessness is taking in purpose, and the wierdedness is dissipating.

And His chisel filled with grace will cause me to fit in.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp”

one-thousand7#850 A package from Europe in the mail

#851 Comfort for my weary heart as I spend time with Him

#852 Classical music throughout my home

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  1. Barbara – So grateful that you visited me & shared about this post. I loved the photo of that wall – each stone so perfect & perfectly fitted. The wall is not only beautiful but strengthened as each stone takes its place. May we fit in only as He fits us in.
    Love & Blessings,


  2. I’m a “Rocky” person. LOVE rocks. And they are so filled with pieces that make me remember and rely upon the Rock Maker. Can hardly wait to see what He has in heaven, with Him, for us.


  3. Loved this so much. I keep a big stone on my desk…to remind me to stand on the rock and not throw them!! Thanks for sharing in our blog hop today!! Blessings!!


  4. I love classical music throughout my home, too – I also love how His love is so magnficient that He loves me that way, too – like I’m the apple of His eye – and He knows how to shape me just right! Wonderful, uplifting post – feel like He just hugged me!


  5. Thank you for sharing today about stones with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” Your post is next to another story about stones – interesting. Although we are different shapes, colors our Father God can use us in his service to fit into what he is building.


  6. Oh my! This is the second post I’ve read this week on fitting in. Love how God uses others to send you a message you really need to hear. THANK YOU. I plan to share this on my Friday Randomness post as a favorite read. This whole wanting to fit in thing has always been a struggle of mine so I’m truly blessed by this post. So glad you shared this with TWW.


  7. Barbara, I always love to stop by here and read your beautiful posts. This is such a profound picture of grace which I was so blessed by.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


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