In many ways, the internet is my lifeline to people all over the world. Not only privately, but also in my professional life. I am constantly amazed that I can be sitting in my office in Indiana, PA having a telephone life coaching session with someone in Australia… So when my website was down for a whole month, it took some turning to the Lord to remain at peace.

I know I’m not stupid, but when it comes to webhosting and Cpanels and words like those,it’s almost as though the people around me are talking in another language and I can’t make heads or tails out of it. I try, I really try… but I don’t do too well. My total lack of understanding with technology flabbergasts me.

That’s why I have no problem hiring a professional, you know, someone who knows what they are talking about in that realm. For them, it’s simple; or at least, it’s not Chinese. Now if you ask me about physical exercises, essential oils and life coaching, or even French words, I will more than likely give you an intelligent answer. But technology? No, thank you. That’s for “them” to do, whoever “they” are. And that’s cool.

It works well that way.

We only get in trouble when everything that’s uncomfortable becomes something for “them” to do, you know, like taking out the garbage, or making the bed, or putting the grocery cart away, or seeing the invisible children, or feeding the hungry, or reaching out to those who are harder to love. When we turn our backs on our responsibility as human beings.

There are some tasks in life that are for all of us to do. And these tasks, they aren’t task, really, They are what makes us human beings. And for those, we will forever be the “them.”

The buck stops here.


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