Baby, it’s Cold out There

When I sit on my patio on a warm summer evening with a slight breeze and the sun caressing my skin, life is good and I delight in the moment, I drink it deep in and I thank God for the Now.

But right now, in Western PA, we are having a terrible winter… and it’s not showing any signs of ever slowing down. People are suffering from “snow fatigue,” and the complaint level is rising everywhere. It’s cold, icy, snowy–oh so snowy! There’s no salt to be found anywhere. Cars need to be cleaned off every time someone goes out. Finger tips get frost bitten. Heating bills are astronomic. Toes don’t warm up. And the list goes on.

And I have to say that even though I am controlling my tongue most of the time, I am very tempted to hop on the complaint wagon. Man, it’s just so cold out there!

But then, I remember that it’s the same God Who gives the cold and the warm. And that He knows what He’s doing, even when I wonder about that. And that He is God and I am not. And then, I remember the power of being thankful, how it changes me completely on the inside. And then, I remember that God is calling me to rest and not fret. What will my fretting accomplish anyway? It won’t change the weather. And my mood? Well, it will make that one worse, that’s for sure…

And what if one of God’s purposes in this cold winter was to give me eyes to see beauty where I don’t think there is any?

And what if one of God’s purposes in this awful winter was to teach me to turn to Him so that my heart doesn’t grow weary of the long season that seems to have no end in sight? What if I could grow in my delight of Him through this?

And what if one of God’s purposes in this forever cold was to help me discover the fun of hot chocolate, and fires at night and taking time to read a great book because I can’t do anything outside?

I think I’m good with this winter. You?

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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  1. I am good with winter as well! Yesterday I was getting water in my family room…. as I shoved heavy snow and ice into a wheel barrow to get it away from my house I looked at the bright sun and thought how beautiful the snow looked while the sun was beating on it. It is the little things and God wants us to see those 🙂 Loved your post!


  2. YES! Blessings to be found even in the middle of a long rough winter if only we will stop and look.Giving thanks has powerfully transformed my mind and approach to life.


  3. I am definitely done with this winter. It’s one thing when we can get outside and enjoy the snow, but this year it’s either bitterly cold or sleeting and wet. I am counting down to spring.

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  4. Oh this was greatly needed. It has been a hard winter and I too have had to really work at it to not jump on the complaining wagon. You really do make me want to say I’m good too! So good. THANK YOU.


  5. Oh I so love the way you faithfully journey with God, Barbara. It sounds like you’re having a tough winter. We in the UK haven’t seen any snow this year and barely even a frost but have been suffering from record amounts of rain and flooding. Thankfully this has not affected us personally but our prayers go out to those who have been flooded for weeks and weeks. The weather is often not how we would like – too hot, too cold etc. But your thankful attitude and determination to not join in with the complaining is really encouraging.
    Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions


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