Fifty years after they graduated from Harvard Business School, class members of the class of 1963 were asked for their advice on a few topics for the younger generation.

This was an interesting read for me as I am seeing my own thinking change with the pages of the calendar. I don’t think like I did when I was a child, or a teenager or a young mother. And the Harvard graduating Class of 1963’s words left me curious and challenged: what would I tell the younger version of me about these things?

The question would not let me go. So, for whatever they are worth, here are my two cents:


There are only 24 hours in each day, and you will spend probably more than a third of these at work, so seek out a career that makes your heart sing, that causes growth in you and that makes a difference in the great scheme of things.


Seek out your partner’s best. Stay interesting. Work at being transparent. Laugh together.


Owning a business is not for everyone.  If you have an itch for it, though, make room for business in your life! Let it scare you, thrill you, grow you, cause you to think outside the box and open the way for philanthropy.


Leaders must be listeners who tweak how they lead according to their audience without changing their purpose so that the people they lead can flourish.


Wealth is only a lot of fun when it doesn’t own you. Wealth must always be unto something. Unto something much bigger than self-provision and comfort. Unto making a difference in the lives of those who are in need.

Growing Older

We can grow older, but we mustn’t be old. Don’t let the spark, the challenge, the play depart from you. Make that choice every single day. Physically, emotionally, intellectually.

Charity and Spirituality

Nothing makes sense unless God is the driving force of your life. Don’t tweak the truth of the Word of God to fit your mood. It is the only thing that will hold you forever.

Happiness and Success

Success has everything to do with what you say to yourself about yourself. Happiness has everything to do with your attitude in all that you do, from the insignificant to the important.

Turning Points

When my house burned down to the ground in 1994, I lost everything I owned. And then, I realized that I had lost nothing.

Life’s Lessons

Every day is a gift and NOW is what matters. Always. Right now now. Right now tomorrow. Right now as you get older. Fill each day with your Now moments.

And I wonder what the younger version of me would have said about these topics. And I wonder if the younger version of me would have listened to the older one. Probably not.

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