Upside Down

upsdie down

My God’s kingdom is totally upside down. In the most remarkable ways.

Every time I lose, I win Him.

Every time I win in Him, I lose a bit more of my flesh.

When I empty myself, He fills me with Himself.

When He fills me, I have to pour it out.

I can’t give unless He gives to me first. When I give what He gave me, He keeps on giving back.

When I try to conserve energy, I lose what I have.

When I use what I have, I always get filled up.

When I run on empty, I run on Him.

When I run on Him, I get all filled up.

When I hold on, I lose.

When I let go, I win.


And God, He sees the end before it even starts.

And this is barely the beginning.


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  1. Great, concise perspective on the upside down Kingdom that Christ ushered to the fullest. In the last few months as I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone this upside down kingdom truth keep getting bashed over me, because it hard to grasp and hold onto without the practice and falling first.


  2. God’s Kingdom is so counter to how the world works. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love your perspective on this today. It put such a smile on my face. Stopping in from Thankful Thursday.


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