She came to us out of nowhere.

Well, not exactly, but close.

I really did want a dog–a walking partner, a presence in the house with me. And yet, I so did not want a dog–the timing was all wrong, we are just too busy, and we go away too often, and what if it dies? And if I ever got a dog, I wanted it pure bred, and I knew I did not want to spend the money now. And it would have to be big. Really big, and able to keep up with me when I walked, gentle but protective, and it would have to be the kind of dog that gets excited when I get home after work, and that likes to just hang out with me. And it would have to be pretty. Just because.

And God, He worked it all out. Just because His ways are always perfect.

Timmy was moving away and could not take Remi with him. And Timmy’s mom worked with my client Kathy who heard me talk once about how I did and did not want a dog, and what the dog would need to be and not be. And Kathy, she is a great listener. And she began to text me pictures of Remi. And my heart, it started to flutter a bit. And then she texted me Timmy’s mom’s phone number. And then, my husband called the phone number. And he decided that we should go see that dog that we certainly did not want.

And Remi, she came right up to me and smiled. Just like that. And she hopped right into our car. And she made herself right at home in our sun room.

photo (20)

And we became best friends, Remi and I. She follows me everywhere, and she tries to sit on my lap but she is way too big for that, so she lays her head on my shoulder. And she makes me laugh. And she is beautiful. And gentle but protective. And she gets so excited when I get home after work, and loves to just hang out with me.

And dogs are just dogs, I know, but Remi, she is a love note from God to me. And that is just amazing.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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#914 Laughinh outloud because of Remi

#915 Buying a gift for a friend 

#916 A glimpse into the tenderness of my God


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  1. That is amazing, Barb! I’m with you on the dog-thing…I’ve thought so often about getting one since I’ve been an empty nester for almost 10 years. But then I think about all the responsibility of the dog and talk myself out of it. Maybe one day I’ll do it. Thanks for sharing your gift from God with us. I think you were just a little bit His Favorite that day!


  2. I can’t ever imagine a home without a dog. They are all you’ve said so beautifully in your post. I never thought of them as gifts from God. Thank you for that thought. Just one more thing to thank HIM for.


  3. You’re counting gifts! I love it! I’m counting gifts this year, too. Actually my post today is about reaching the 500th gift on Mother’s Day and how my perspective is changing. Don’t you just love Ann Voskamp?

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. So happy for you and Remi!! We feel the same way about having a dog again…we lost our beloved Molly several years ago and just didn’t feel like we had the time to devote to another. Enter Eisley Quinn…my middle son’s pure bred English Bulldog puppy. Oh. My. Word. We are in love! Cutest puppy ever, although now she is at 7 months 40 pounds, we can’t get enough of her. Isn’t it funny how they take over your life? And just like God, they love unconditionally. So glad you found your walking partner!


  5. she looks like an awesome friend. My own ‘Emma Rose’ a red heeler is age 15 now and showing her age on many levels. I won’t look forward to letting her go.


  6. I’m not a dog lover, so like you I’d be shocked to have and find myself loving a dog. but god can do anything, right? You have to read “Lessons Learned From My Downward Facing Dog”: sermons preached by Sando (her dog) written by Chelle Wilson..She’s linked up here via her blog Treat Me To A Feast. Thanks for sharing with the #GiveMeGrace community.


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