Sledgehammers and Holes

sledgeMy ears had an uncomfortable ringing in them for hours every time my husband used that huge sledgehammer to break up a part of our old patio, slamming it against the stone over and over again. I hated the noise, and couldn’t stand to be close to the work. But safe inside the house, I’d watch him through the window, how he would hit the stone with all of his strength, and I was utterly amazed at the sheer strength displayed–for so little result.. Yet after many, many hours of work, I saw a nice little hole on the patio, and eventually, it got quite big and wide and our patio was ready for the next step of our renovation project.

But life got in the way, and the old patio stood there for a few months with a deep hole in it. Fall and winter came and went. When my husband got back to the patio project in the spring, the hole was filled with dead wet leaves, dirt and junk, and it pretty much looked like it disappeared. Had all that hard work been in vain? I felt bad for my husband. And angry too-why did we not finish the job right away? After all this work, nothing to show for it!

But my husband, he just started to methodically empty the hole of all the junk that had accumulated, and even though it was not easy, it only took a very little time to remove the debris. And then, I saw the big hole again–we were back to where we were when he was done with the sledgehammer.

And my heart leapt. Because I finally got what God had been teaching me the last few month–no hard work is ever wasted. It all counts, even if it may look like it doesn’t. Because the hole, it might have gotten filled up with some junk, but its foundation was still there. And all my work in my marriage, my business, my children, my friendships… it may sometimes get covered up with junk, but it doesn’t ever disappear.  The junk can always get uncovered, and the work is still there.

And my heart, it can’t stop smiling now. Because God, He sees it all. And He knows how to make it all count. And then, after reminding me that none of my work is in vain, He gently stirs me to regard it all as loss in view of knowing Him. And I have to laugh out loud because my God, He always sees the whole picture. And it is marvelous.


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  1. This reminds me of the time my father-in-law was helping my husband build our new deck. It was blistering hot outside and I kept trying to give him water and other things to drink. He told me to relax and I tole him I felt bad. He said, “It’s just work, Laura. That’s all it is.” That taught me a lesson. More than “just do it”. But, not to disdain the work, enjoy it. Good thoughts, Barb.


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