June 2014–Dear Fifty Tons of Grey,

I don’t like you very much.

Color-wise, you are the greatest; love your fifty shades and how you glimmer in the light when everything is just right. And for a few things in life, I like you lots, because at times, neither black nor white work, and we have to tweak the lines a bit.

But most of the time, I really dislike you. I would even say that I hate you. Because you are the color of no integrity–little white lies, excuses so well spun they make sense even to me. And at the end of the day, you weigh so so much that you make it impossible to move forward. You weigh at least fifty tons, and I become your prisoner. And your grey, it is anything but attractive. It’s dirty, full of muck and sand and impurities.

ball and cahin

Every time I have chosen you, I have found myself in need of serious cleansing. Every time I yielded to your easy appeal, I felt cheap, and worthless, and pitiful. Like I took in some poison, and it entered my soul. Like I entered a prison, and the walls are caving in, and there is no light shining.

And your dance is enticing, but it takes my breath away in the worst kind of way—it chokes until it kills.  And I’d much rather be lonely than to dance with you. 

So on this lovely spring day where grey might fit right in and no one else would notice, I renounce you forever.

Dear fifty tons of grey, I feel so much better. Thank you for what you showed me today.


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