It’s funny how things can be so relative in life. Some situations are terribly inconvenient, and the inconvenience bothers me to no end. Like when my husband calls to tell me that so-and-so is coming for dinner, and I was looking forward to just chilling tonight. And I just don’t want to yield my heart. I drag my feet, and when I finally do it, it’s with a definite chip on my shoulder. So it’s not really yielding at all; I just go through the motions. The inconvenience is all I see. And it tastes horrible.

But at other times, even extreme inconveniences don’t seem to matter at all. It’s as if my heart lays it all aside for the sake of love. Like when my friend’s husband had major heart surgery and I still had little ones at home.  The cost to my family and myself was completely irrelevant, we were going to make it work and I was going to go with her. I could not stand the thought of my sweet Mary being alone in that big city of Cleveland, dealing with the emotions and challenges of her husband’s surgery.

At times, horrific traffic drives me up the wall. At other times, I simply smile and wait patiently. And I can’t help but wonder what makes the difference in my attitude. And the answer can only be one thing: my response to God in the midst of the thing.

And it’s so simple that it’s kind of scary. Because I realize that my actions and attitudes are clear signs of my walk with God. I really am an open book for all to read.


And maybe I don’t always like what people read in there. 

But then, I remember that I can change the story. And that God is willing to rewrite it. As long as I invite Him to.

And I give thanks for grace.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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