cleaningI know that I talk about the little things quite often. And the power of living in the Now. And the joy of living fully.

But it’s one thing to talk about stuff, it’s another altogether to live it for real. Because the other week, I was rushing through my Tuesday cleaning routine, wiping my counters haphazardly, hating every minute of it, wishing I was outside enjoying the sunshine and playing in the dirt. I got the job done in record time, but the house was far from sparkling clean, and I had no sense of accomplishment, nor of God’s pleasure.

I grabbed a quick sandwich before heading out in the sunshine to finally play in the dirt. I perused a couple of articles online while eating, because the queen of living in the Now, she is also at times the queen of multi-tasking. And it’s mostly not a good thing, because I forget to delight in the moment. But God somehow used it on that day; I came across this little quote that changed me forever. Eleven words.

“Do the little things as though they were the big things.”

Like washing dishes. And scrubbing toilets. And responding to an email. And waiting in line. And paying my bills. And making the bed. And parking the car. And making the coffee. All seemingly insignificant. All potentially life-changing.

Yep. Because that’s the what if principle.

Because washing dishes can turn into an intercession moment in which someone’s life is changed. And scrubbing toilets can give me the satisfaction of having done a great job, which could give me the confidence to dream big.  And go change the face of hunger in the world. And responding to an email could bring kindness into someone’s day, and waiting in line can turn into loving on the person behind me. And be used of God to avert a suicide. And paying my bills, well, that’s simply delightful because I get to thank Him for His provision! Making the bed while I commit my day to Him might prepare me for what comes, and parking the car? It’s an opportunity to take a deep breath. And making coffee, it can remind me of the joy of the ordinary.

And that is really the point: life is made up of ordinary moments. The graduations, and the interviews, and the births and the deaths, they are the book-ends in my library of life events, holding all the other books of my life together–all the ordinary moments of my life. All the small things of my life. All the big things of my life.


And if I do the little things as though they were the big ones, I live for real. I give my heart, energy, concentration and joy to the moment that I am in.

And that is very, very big.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#916 My new coffeemaker

#917 The Lord’s touch on my husband’s body

#918 My kids coming home and making pizza for us!

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  1. Well, I’m taking that “little” moment to respond to your post; something I don’t do on a regular basis although I enjoy each and every post of yours ;0)
    Thank you for always reminding me of just how wonderful it is to wake up each morning and do those “chores” that we – many times – don’t do to the best of our abilities. Today is my day to clean the kitchen and den – and I will do it this time with a focus and a smile. All because of you and your post. I bet it’s going to look better than it’s looked for a very long time!
    Love your writing. Thank you!


  2. Loved this, Barbara! Every moment is truly an ordinary moment until He invades it. Then we have no idea just how big it will truly become. And so I love the quote you shared –> ““Do the little things as though they were the big things.” Thank you for writing & sharing with us all.


  3. I have a pile of dishes waiting in the kitchen (I have just turned some kohlrabi in a fragrant freezer curry) and now I know I will get to them with a smile on my face and your post in mind!


  4. Your playing in the dirt is my writing. I want to get things done so I can sit down at the computer. My sister got me a canvas that says, “Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.” I need that reminder! Now every time I look at it I’ll be reminded to “Do little things as if they are big things.” ~Pamela


  5. Barbara…I love that quote. How true it is! I sometimes fail at doing this and have done as you shared. But the good thing is Grace comes along and reminds me to be intentional next and appreciate the “littles.” Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing at Monday’s Musings.


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