That Tuesday was a fasting day for me, and the fasting was difficult, maybe because I did not feel 100 % with a chest cold and a broken toe. And because of the fog in my spirit. I had been fogged in for days, unable to go forward, stuck. And maybe there was some light out there behind that thick grey all around, but I just could not see it.


As I was walking across the kitchen floor, I sensed the Lord telling me to break my fast. It seemed odd–so unreligious–but I broke the fast. And then, I felt the urge to go take a shower. And I wondered if maybe I was losing my mind. But I got in the shower, and while I let the hot water hit my shoulders, I heard the Lord say to me that He was doing something new. And I believed Him.

I got dressed, put some make-up on, and I sat in my house alone, all dressed up with no where to go. And I wondered if all was well with me. In my head, I mean. But the sense that this was God never left me.. And my heart was somehow brimming with excitement.

So I sat in my favorite chair and I closed my eyes to speak to my King. And I remembered His word to me in the shower. He is doing something new. And His Presence, it was as thick as molasses. And I hardly could breathe. And while I was with Him, He breathed faith into me. And I don’t understand it all, but I know His Presence did it in me.

He took me by the hand and He said, “Little girl, get up.” (Mark 5:41) Talitha Koum

And I let Him lead me out of my fog. And everything changed.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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