July 2014 Letter–Dear Women,

I have never really been a feminist. Or maybe I don’t really know what a feminist is. I do believe in equality of worth between men and women, and I do believe that our female voices should be listened to, and I am all about raising the awareness of the despicable plight of so many of our sisters on the other side of the world. So maybe I am a feminist…. but I do not believe in equality of sexes in everything, because men are men and women are women, and I know that our physical strength is not equal to men’s and that’s fine with me, and women think differently than men, and I love being a woman and being treated like a woman. I have no problem with being feminine and enjoying it. So maybe I am not a feminist… or maybe I don’t know what I am talking about.

But I do know that I am in awe of you, my sisters all around the world. I have seen you walk tall in the midst of darkness. I have seen you trust God with such grace. I have seen you work your fingers to the bones–literally–so that your little ones could eat. And I have seen you holding on to truth when it cost you your very life. I have watched you go from being invisible to being a force that must be reckoned with.

Women of the world, you are strong, beautiful, and courageous. I have watched you working through your fears if necessary in order to nurture, feed, grow those entrusted to you, whether they are people or ideas. You make me want to be a better mother as I watch you mothering, whether you birthed a child of your own or not–nurturing, giving, leading by example, serving, sacrificing. Your legacy inspires me to be more.

Women of the world, You are noble. You are gorgeous. You challenge me to do it afraid. Do it shaking. Do it with no feelings. Sticking with truth, regardless of cost.

Women of the world, you encourage me to trust Him more and more. To bid him to call me upon the waters. To climb unclimbable mountains in His name. To love unlovable ones in His name. To be all He called me to be.

And you might think that no one sees.That you are anonymous.

You are not. Your lives scream to me. Your lives breathe into me.

Thank you for all you are to me, Women of the world.


Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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