Planting. Watering. Weeding. Waiting.

tomatSpring has come and gone and has now been replaced the hot, long, lazy days of summer. Sticky.


No wind.

Iced tea.

Long evenings.

Candles on the patio.

Waiting for the heat to break while we enjoy it.

Living but waiting.

And I look at the little garden that we planted in the early spring. It was chilly back then, I remember, and I gently dug a hole for each tiny tomato plant, wondering if they would make it through the cooler nights. I watered them when the rains were scarce, I weeded around them so they could grow strong roots. And now, they are taller than me, these tomato plants. And they look so good, with big, wide green tomatoes hanging heavy on the stocks.




And now I wait.

I wait for the sun to do its thing.

I wait for time to do its thing.

I wait for life to run its course.

And all along, I keep on watering and weeding and looking and waiting. Living and waiting. And life is good in the waiting. And every day I look, and the tomatoes look more like tomatoes, more ready to be picked and enjoyed fully.

And I thoroughly enjoy the journey, still weeding and watering as I wait for the tomatoes to be at their peak. I wait for the fruit, and the hundreds of dishes that I can’t wait to make.

tomato salad 178--edited 1 elements


And I can smell them getting ready, these tomatoes that I planted, and I wait, full of joy. And I still water and weed as necessary, and get sweaty in the process. I can see them preparing themselves to please me, these yummy tomatoes that started out as tiny seeds, and I wait, full of anticipation. And I still water and weed.

And my life, it’s just like those tomato plants.

A cycle of planting, and watering, and weeding and harvesting. And then another cycle. And most of the time, the cycles collide, or dance together. And I get sweaty and tired, but the exhilaration of being overpowers it all. And I have no idea what the next cycle will be, and whether I will do it well , or whether it will take all that I am, and what turns it will take, and what smell it will have, or when it will be over. But I know the Creator of all cycles of Life, and that is good enough.

I will plant, and weed and water and harvest.

And I will do it again.

And again.

And again.

For that is the way of life.

And I am good with that.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#928 The Lord showing me where my phone was!

#929 Precious Friends taking us on a boating week-end

#930 Friends dog-sitting for us!


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  1. Beautifully written, as always! I’m an avid gardener, so I greatly appreciate this and understand this fully. So many life lessons to be learned from and in the garden. Blessings to your day!


  2. Nature has such a precious way of giving us all the education we need sometimes, doesn’t it? “Life is good in the waiting.” Such a valuable, valuable reminder. Love your writing. And the way it so clearly reflects your heart to be aligned with His. Glad I landed next to you at #threewordwednesday


  3. Your post echoes my own life. While watering this morning I was mesmerized by the artful design of weeds. They’re a constant chore to remove and so skillful at mimicking the plant they grow by – part of the cycle! BUT – the reward of those sweet tomatoes. There’s nothing like them.

    Thanks for another lovely post, Barbara.


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