August 2014 Letter: Dear Grace

Dear Grace,

I could tell countless stories of your beauty in my life, and how you are the blanket that God uses to wrap Himself around me with; how you have a way of just letting me know that there is a tomorrow, and that I can go on; how walking by you is effortless, like flowing down a lazy river on a beautiful summer day; how putting you on enables me to walk in supernatural strength and light.



And your story in my life, it is forever changing.

And your story in all lives, it is forever changing.

But your essence, it is the same for all. It smells like Life. And Rest. And Joy.

And your ways, they are the same for all. They are kind, intimate, real down to the toenails, filled with giggles, strength and deep breaths. They always bring us back to a blood sacrifice. Ugly, painful, Life-giving, gorgeous. The story of redemption.

And the revelation of you, it sets us all on The Solid Rock. It anchors us in any storm. It causes us to stand full of supernatural courage. And understanding. And perseverance.

And the life of you, it gives life to us all.

Dear Grace,

Thank you for all that you are to us all.



Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#940 Jesus with skin on when I needed Him so to be

#941 His Word settling my achy tummy

# 942 A kind husband

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  1. I’ve been needing the anchor in the last few days. The feel of the solid rock under me has given me courage, even joy! You write so beautifully, Barbara. Word pictures that stay in my heart long after I leave you spot here. ~Pamela


  2. I love Grace, too. Grace is often the only way I really get through something…whether I give it to another or to myself. Grace is so incredibly powerful. Beautiful! 🙂

    Stopping over from Wake Up Wednesday!


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