I have three children, two lovely daughters-in-law and one adorable grand baby. All in America, close to me, or at least not too far.



My sister lives in Belgium and has two sons, both in Palestine, far from her, and in danger. And my sweet sister’s heart, it is bleeding. It is hurting. It is afraid. She is a mother who can’t protect her sons. Angry, mad, and her wounded heart breaks mine beyond words–I am a mother too. I get her arguments, her outrage, her guttural scream that is turning into exhausted silence.

I hate that we are on different sides of the fence. I don’t know how to be a peacemaker.

My sister and I, we grew up in the same house, faced the same ugly family situations, shared quite a few giggles over the years, and wound up making very different choices in life. She married a Palestinian man, I moved across the ocean to the “land of plenty.” We don’t connect too often, but when we do, the strong family roots awaken, and my heart fills with joy. And even though we are so different, we get each other on so many levels–maybe it is because of the childhood we shared.

Today, I empathize with her down to my toes, and yet here I sit, relatively safe in my American home, while her sons are in hiding and see war planes fly over them. And my sister’s sadness, it is a bottomless pit, and my heart breaks for her. But I don’t know how to be a peacemaker.

And I pray that this war, it won’t separate us any more than the years, our life experiences and beliefs already have.

My sister and I, we don’t serve the same God. And she and I, we don’t see eye to eye on basic human values. And she and I, we are on opposite sides politically. And she and I, we have made very different choices.


But my sister and I, we share some DNA. And my sister and I, we faced a funeral together, and all that it entails. And my sister and I, we somehow found a way to respect each other.

But I don’t know how to be a peacemaker. And I pray that this war, it won’t destroy us. There are too many casualties already.

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