This is a picture of my sweet grand-daughter Emmaline after she experienced eating peas for the first time:

peasAnd I can’t help but bursting out in laugh every time I look at her little face, partly because I love her so, but also because I can so relate. I feel what she feels. Even though I love peas. But you know what I mean.

And I keep looking at that picture of this little girl I so love--her eyes, her eyebrows, her lips… and I wish I could tell her that it’s just a part of the growing up experience, and that one day she might love peas. And carrots, and steak and ice cream. Even tuna. But the first few times we are introduced to texture, color and taste, it’s kind of weird, uncomfortable, and not very exciting. It’s like that with many things in life, partly because we are creatures of habit, and we don’t like to be stretched.

I am sure that my sweet Emmaline would love to stick to Momma’s milk for a while. But Momma knows best. And thus the picture. And Emmaline’s Momma, she loves her so much that she is going to keep giving her peas. And she will give her carrots. And graham crackers too. And Emmaline, she will begin to enjoy the experience of texture, color and taste. And one day, she might even ask for more. And make a happy face.

And God, He might very well be smiling big when He sees my face at times. Or He might even burst out in laugh. Because God, He knows what’s good for me. And He knows that I am safe. And what I need right now. So He patiently waits until I let Him feed me my peas. And He stretches me a bit so that I can start to enjoy them. And ask for more. Or carrots, or tuna.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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