Bending the Knee

There are many Bible verses that I never truly understood, like the one about the martyrs asking Jesus, “how long?” or the ones about God paying back our enemies, and revenge belonging to Him. I just brush these verses aside; they are just too big for me I think.

And there are some events in the news that are just too horrible for me to process, like those children in Iraq beheaded because their parents are Christians. I can’t wrap my mind around this, and I can’t stop thinking about the horror, and the grief, courage and stand in the Lord… and my spirit weeps deep within me for the state of humanity. 


I was singing my heart out this morning when the words coming out of my mouth “Every knee shall bow,

Every tongue confess,

That Jesus Christ is Lord,”

drew a violent picture in my spirit. The murderers of these beheaded children, they were bending their knee to Jesus, the fair, and righteous Judge. And the tongues of those murderers, they were confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.

So I get on my knees, and I pray for mercy. At that moment, I understood that judgment belongs to Him. And mercy. And I can leave it all to Him.

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  1. These are some of the things that come to mind when I read things like the words of the psalmist, confessing, “I do not concern myself with things too high and lofty for me.” Who can make any kind of sense out of this kind of horror? It is not ‘high and lofty,’ but the wrapping our brains and hearts around it is. I weep, too. And cry out for God’s mercy. I appreciate your tender heart.


  2. We all tend to judge others forgetting the obvious, we criticizes others instead of looking in the mirror. Prayers go a long way, we need to pray for does that need guidance, for does that have not found the way, and for does that may think they know what they are doing and yet their choices may not be for the greater good.
    May the Lord have mercy on us.


  3. My heart breaks for these moms….I can’t imagine, maybe I can imagine and cringe from the horror in my imaginings …… I pray…. I pray…..


  4. I truly understand. And, as horrifying it is that the children are murdered before the parents, the only good thing is knowing they are in heaven NOW and, when their parents arrive, they will rejoice together. Even though murdering takes place for children [and heavy sickness], spiritual parents around and about our world may never stop “seeing” their kids. So much is happening and my heart is filled with a heavy sigh…but also filled with a Godly sign. When reading Revelation…over and over again… this truly fits in. You shared very well.


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