Instruction booklets for life don’t come at birth. And instruction booklets for moms don’t show up at our doorsteps when the first baby is birthed. Or the third. At least, they did not for me. When humble enough, I sought counsel from those I watched living life well, and I asked questions from the seasoned mommas whose kids turned out okay. And I make a lot of mistakes, learning by trials and errors. And what works for me may not work for you at all… I am sure you know what I mean.

But this isn’t the whole truth.


handbookBecause in a very real way, I was given a manufacturer’s handbook. It was actually written by the Manufacturer himself to help me handle Life well. And this handbook, it may not be specific down to which knob to turn when, but then again, it might very well be–depends how deep you and I are willing to dig. And the Manufacturer, His name is God, and He freely gives that awesome handbook to every one  without any discrimination. It’s His love letter to us–the written Word of God. And every time we open it, He gets to interact with us. And that makes His heart sing.

But then again, I am not very good at reading instruction manuals. You? They are kind of intimidating to me. Or constricting. Because more often than not, I think I know better. So I wind up trying things on my own, and I mess up big time. But the manufacturer, He is not surprised. He knew right from the start that I’d be stubborn. So He set up customer service–a place that I can call 24/7 to have my questions answered. To be reassured. To help me walk through the process. To be directed. And the Manufacturer, my Manufacturer, He freely answers the customer service calls without any discrimination. He delights in my calling. Because He loves to help. He’s all set to do that. And He loves it. Because every time I call, He gets to interact with me. And that makes His heart sing.


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