Dear Heart,

At time, I am so apprehensive to let you out there, in the midst of the people of my life. I feel the need to keep you hidden, safe within the border of my soul, where no one can wound or mock you.

And yet I know that God calls me to be more transparent, more daring, more courageous with you. And often we struggle with that call, you and I.

heartBut you and I, we took on the challenge to be more real. And we started with the Creator Himself. Because if truth be told, He already knows all about you, and has accepted all of you. You can’t perform, underperform, overperform, or disappoint Him. He chose you when you were very, very ugly.

And this Shepherd of yours, He knows how to hold you in His hand without bruising you at all., even when He applies pressure to you. And that pressure He allows, I know it’s for our good. He knows all about you–your every beat, every skipped beat, every acceleration, every place where you just about stop. He really, really does.

So you and I, we really are on an adventure, aren’t we? An adventure where we choose to stop being cloistered within the walls of ourselves, an adventure where we dare to show all that we really are.. As as we practice with the Potter of all things, we are beginning to see that He might require more. More transparency with Him and with others. More vulnerability. More Real-ness.

And when we are afraid, you and I, we choose to put our trust in Him, this Creator-Shepherd-Tailor, and we are growing up.

Dear Heart, thank you for all that you are to me.


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