She looked at me funny on Monday morning. I looked down at my shirt–did I have toothpaste on there again? No, no toothpaste. So, what’s her deal? Did I say something hurtful? I rehearsed our last conversation in my head, but still couldn’t come up with the reason for her look. What was her deal?

That awkwardness stayed with me all day as I tried to figure my friend out. What if she just didn’t like me anymore? Or what if she was moving and did not want to tell me? Then I would be without a friend, and life would be lonely. Or maybe she had cancer and did not know how to say it. That had to be it, my friend was dying. What was I going to do without her? And her husband and the kids, how were they going to make it? I really needed to organize some help for them, at least at first until they got organized. You know?

And then, she wasn’t at work on Tuesday. I functioned poorly all day and my stomach was in knots. All I could do was picture my sweet friend in the agony of death, and how difficult the next few months would be.

Wednesday came around. Not at work, Filled with sadness, I finally decided to call her. Turns out, she just had a bit of a bout with the flu and had not felt the greatest on Monday but was on the mend and ready to come back to work.

And I heard my Uncle Henry’s voice in my head, “Don’t look for the zebra!” I was five years old, trying to figure out how to do this or that on the playground, making a simple exercise ridiculously complicated.


“It’s right in front of you, girl,” he would say. “Don’t go looking for a zebra in the middle of the city. Don’t make it so difficult.”

Fifty-five years old, and still looking for the zebra… Oh, but I am going to get it!

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