Seeds are a funny thing. They look utterly dead, and yet they have so much life power in them. But that life power in the seed, it can stay locked up for a very, very long time if it’s not given what it needs to begin to grow. And once they start growing, they seem to not grow at all, hiding their growth underground for a very, very long time. And eventually, one day, right when you are about to think it’s never ever going to happen, a little shoot of life emerges through the dirt, prepared to survive the elements of above-ground life, prepared to thrive.

It sure looked like the seed was dead. And it sure looks like that little seedling does not have the strength to become an oak tree that will give thousands of acorns, which could potentially turn into millions or billions of oak trees. It’s a seedling, for goodness sake! And that seedling, it really could get choked by a zillion things–weather, boots, dogs, kids, tires… It could go either way. But it’s prepared to fight. It’s prepared to survive.

And words, they are just like seeds, with life power in them. Once sown, they may seem lifeless, and it might take a while before the fruit emerges. But good or bad, the fruit emerges.


All these kids who have been told they are losers–the fruit emerges. All these kids who have been told that nothing is impossible and they can do anything with their lives–the fruit emerges.

And my words, they are seeds with life power in them. And I can’t help but wonder, what kind of sower am I in my own life? And I can’t help but call upon the name of the Lord for help.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

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