All that’s left

Like an animal trapped, I don’t know where to go. My nerves are raw, and I am  desperately looking for an escape. But I see none. And my heart, it feels tight inside my chest. Taking a deep breath is getting tough.

layersOver the last few months, He stripped me of my layers, one by one, so very slowly. And then, when I thought all was gone, He took away my coping mechanisms, one by one, so very slowly. And then I was all empty. Naked. Without resources. No feelings. No hidden stash of nothing.

And all I can hang on to is the Light of His Word.

And as the hours stretch into days of Surrender, He takes me by the hand and shows me that He is enough. That His Word is enough. That His light is all I need.

And as the hours stretch into days of  Surrender, He takes me by the hand and teaches me His voice. And it becomes like honey to my soul. And it is all I need.


And as the hours stretch into days of Surrender, He takes me by the hand and leads me into understanding Him more. He is like water for my thirsty being. And He is all I need.

And I stop running, and I stop looking for more of what might satisfy my senses. For all that’s left is Him. And He is all I need. 

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#994 Knowing that my kids are doing well

#995 The warmth of the fall sun on my sweater

#996 Time to wash my windows!

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  1. My Lord, Barbara, this is beautiful, and it so speaks to where I’ve been. I know. When I thought there was absolutely NOTHING left of me, He went deeper. I didn’t think it could hurt that much. I didn’t know I could be so stripped. I finally acknowledged that what I knew as surrender was completely wrong. However, BUT GOD, I am coming out of that painful, sorrow-filled place, and the joy is truly unspeakable. I do not think I would have appreciated such joy without such great sorrow, and for me, that makes the joy sweeter indeed. I am praying, friend, that as hard as they are, you will never forget these lessons.
    May God continue to hold you close.
    Peace and good,

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  2. I’ve been in a season of a stripping, a similar one to what you’ve articulated so perfectly here. I am so thankful for His strength made perfect in my utter weakness. For the intimacy with Him that comes when we lean into Him in our nothingness. Blessings and grace to you in this time, Barbara. (Stopped over from Kelli’s.)

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  3. Beautiful post expressing such a hard & difficult place. When all is stripped, I am finding He will never be stripped away. And He will always be enough. But I am not sure there is any other way to learn & appreciate this truth. Praying for God’s grace to you to be great. Blessings!

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