Sometimes, I am “in the flow.”

Everything flows naturally. It’s not that it’s all easy; it’s more like it’s all the way it ought to be. I may be working hard, but I know that it’s all good, and I am productive, doing what I was born to do. I am at peace, right where I belong. And when I am there, I can breathe deeply, I live in the Now, I belly-laugh, I am full of Real.

The time is Now, and the place is Here.

But at times, life feels as though it’s just too difficult to put all the pieces together, and they just don’t fit with each other, no matter how hard I try. It’s not about disdain for hard work, or tiredness, or questions, because I am not afraid of work, or tiredness, or questions–I welcome them. It’s akin to a piece of writing that simply won’t write itself, even though my butt has been on the chair for hours. And I sense that I am trying to put random pieces of different puzzles together, and it just doesn’t make sense.


That’s when I wonder if maybe, it’s simply not supposed to fit. But that’s difficult for me, because I need for things to make sense, and I am not a quitter… yet those pieces of writing never get written, and those chunks of well-intentioned life never get lived.

I am learning to yield to God in these uncomfortable-I-know-something-just-isn’t-right-here moments where my head and my heart can’t find peace with each other. And He reminds me that He knows how to speak to my heart and to lead me in His way, and that He very well might be the One making me uncomfortable, because when it’s right, it’s right. And He reminds me that it’s okay to let go as long as I hold on to Him and let Him redirect me, because true life is all about yielding to Him.

Because with God, there is fullness of light. In His light I see light. And with God, the time is always Now, and the place is always Here.  And if that’s not where I am, I might need to let go…

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#997 Knowing that my son landed safely in Africa

#998 The joy of seeing a baby grow in the womb of a woman I love 

#999 Finishing a thought-provoking book

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  1. Love the puzzle piece image! That so describes my life right now – a jumbled set of puzzle pieces. I can’t see how they’re all going to fit together yet, but I know God’s using each piece for something and someday I’ll see how they work together. Hard to rest in the unfinished state and trust, though.


  2. Me too – the jumbled puzzle pieces so feel like where I am at the moment. I just keep remembering Jeremiah 29:11 – God’s plans are perfect and I may never see the full extent of them, but they are the best way all the same.


  3. I am still learning how to listen for God, and sometimes it feels just like you said. My husband and I had for at least a month been trying to figure out the cheapest way to get smart phones, etc., and after lots of headaches and number crunching we said, “I think God is telling us not to do this — to save our money.” It wasn’t a big thing, but some things have happened that we see now where it was the right choice!


  4. Barbara, a much needed post this morning. We don’t always have all the answers to the questions. Nor do all the pieces of the puzzle always go together. But in time, we do finish the puzzle, all the pieces do go together. Perhaps today, He is asking to just let Him do the puzzle, piece by piece in His time. Thank you so much for sharing this! Blessings to you!


  5. Wow. How profound this is, and how deeply I get what this dissonance you’re describing. I recently sat down all week trying to write a guest post that just wouldn’t come together – until I reached that similar, uncomfortable conclusion, “Maybe it isn’t supposed to…” And I sat down not long after to write something else. There is such wisdom you speak of here that I will need to savor awhile, come back and read. And I thank you for that.


  6. God continues to mold and make us into his image. He is still fitting the pieces together as we become one in Him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us here at tell me a story. Life is hard at times, and we don’t always understand, but thank the Lord, that he is making a way for you, even though it seems to be wilderness for the moment.

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