An Inch is an Inch is an Inch

I am all about figuring out a way when there seems to be no way, and I am okay with compromise if necessary–that’s just part of life if we want to stay sane in our crazy world. Sometimes, I might need call the wall yellow even though I know it is clearly green, just because I get that the way you look at things is not the way I see them, and it’s not worth a fight. And sometimes, you and I, we might just need to agree to disagree. It bears no consequences on our friendship–we just understand that we have strong opinions… I may not like it, but I’m good with it.

You can say the wall is yellow even though I am convinced it’s green; I can live with that. You might even be right–perceptions are finicky. you know. They might even change depending on how much ice cream I ate.

But there is one thing that I simply cannot compromise on–the integrity of the Word of God. Because that is truly the cornerstone of all things. That Word of God, it’s not open for discussion. It is what it is. And honestly, it has become the measuring stick by which everything else gets measures.

If the Word of God were changeable with opinions and seasons, Life itself would shift, and I would surely drown. So tonight, as I stare at the tide waves coming in and out, and the view is forever changes, I give thanks for His Word. I give thanks for His un-changeability. I give thanks for Who He is, and was, and forever will be.

Cultivating Thankfulness with Ann Voskamp

one-thousand7#1000 The beauty of a sunset on the ocean 

#1001 A few days on the coast of Maine  

#1002 The salty coean air 

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  1. I understand !! When we shop together, my hubby often puts items in our basket that I question, (not voice but in my thoughts) do we really need that? I decide to let it slide, because it will make him happy and not worth an argument. What difference will it really make if the wall is yellow or green? Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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