Dear Light,

In the beginning, God spoke and there you were. And today, you still are. 

Every single morning, your life breaks darkness. I am not quite sure when the darkness switches over the the light because you are so gentle, but you keep coming and coming until you overpower the darkness all around, and you empower me to live my day. Because of you, I can see, understand, recognize.  Because of you I can lead others and be led by them. Because of you, darkness flees. 

Dear Light, you shape my life with all that you are.My days follow your rhythms, and when I dance with you, joy floods my soul. You make me feel alive, and every time I reach out to touch you, you touch me back with gentle kindness.



I have great eyes and I see well, but without you, they are useless. It is only through you that they function fully. You enable them to carry my body through the path set before me.  When I hold on to you, I stumble a whole lot less. 

And when you hide yourself, even my words disappear, because you truly are the fuel behind all that I am. 

Dear light, thank you for all that you are to me.