Almost falling asleep while listening to a talk, I was brought back to attention when the speaker yelled the word, “Phototropism.” I had never heard that word before. I liked the sound of it. I know of philanthropism, and photosynthesis, and photo or prism-lots of things, but phototropism? What the heck does it mean?

I listened. It turns out that phototropism is a group movement induced by light, with the growth happening towards the source of light.



But it’s not even the whole story. Positive phototropism is that growth towards the light because of light, and negative phototropism is what happens on the other end: the part not exposed to light, it grows in the other direction, and faster than the one exposed to light.

Double wow.

But not even this is the whole story! There is a definite link between the amount of light and the phototropic (how about that for an adjective?) reaction.

Triple wow.

Sunflowers_in_JulyLater on that day, I laced up my shoes and stepped into my backyard, staring at the flowers and trees.  I could swear that the sunflowers, tall and majestic, winked at me while pointing their faces up towards the sun. I picked three, brought them home and placed them in a vase on the kitchen table The next morning, their necks were completely turned towards the window. Oh, how beautiful phototropism is!

I settled myself on my reading chair and opened His Word, His Light unto my feet, looking for some phototropism of my own. But I’m looking for the negative phototropism as well, though, the one that causes my roots too grow very deep. And now I know the secret: these roots, they can’t grow deep unless I turn my face towards the sun. Unless I turn my face towards the Son.


Because you see, the link between the phototropic reaction and exposure to light is for real. And God never changes the rules of Creation.



  1. I love this! I’ve never heard of photoropism either, but I’m glad you shared. Thanks for linking up at #ThreeWordWednesday.


  2. My science mind has been blown with this post…AND I learned a new word (and its a big one…for me anyway!). What an integrating thought. I love how God’s creation never ceases to amaze us. It’s one of those constant, awe-inspiring clasps of His hands experiences that we will never become norm to having.


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