I mostly believe myself. If what I see in the mirror tells me that I am a pig, I say to myself that I am a pig, and I have the feelings that follow the realization that I am a pig. And my actions follow, and people all around me start treating me like a pig.

But if what I see in the mirror tells me that I am a princess, I say to myself that I am a princess and I act accordingly. And strangely enough, other people do too; they start treating me like a princess.

storiesThe stories I tell myself are completely believable to me. I trust me more than I trust what people say. Or God at times. And that certainly has gotten  me into big troubles, because my choices and attitudes are the direct result of what I have been telling myself. And it has not always been pretty.

The stories I tell myself, they shape me, they determine who I am and where my future is heading.

And I bet you are just the same.

We might want to be more careful about the stories we tell ourselves. We might want to change some of them.  We might want to let God tell us which ones should be told, and which ones should be buried.

Just sayin’

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  1. I heard a joke about a man, who, when staying at a friend’s house, had a dream in which he was crying, and when the man awoke, he realized that he HAD been crying. So the man went back to bed – with a plan. This time he would dream that he was good looking.

    So when the man awoke, he rushed to look in the mirror; maybe this dream about being good looking would also become a reality – just like his previous dream about crying.

    But alas, looking in the mirror he realized that he was not good looking, but rather quite ordinary in his appearance.

    Then the man started to laugh.

    ‘This isn’t my mirror – it belongs to my friend, poor devil.’

    Looking in the wrong mirror is a bit like telling ourselves the wrong story, And with another dream, comes another day.


  2. Hi neighbor,

    I can relate to what you have posted here.
    My word for this year is `Faith`.
    I want to have faith in what God believes, and says, about me.
    Rather than listening to the tapes over and over, again.

    I’m visiting from Friendship Friday!


  3. I am having this problem and was just thinking about this phenomenon while vacuuming this morning. I was wondering why the things that I feel comfortable telling myself make me comfortable. I haven’t seen a problem with it before, but now I’m beginning to wonder if I am playing it safe by having these thoughts about my family and our future, and if I need to step out and begin to, as you so gracefully put it, tell myself a different story.


  4. How true it is that our thoughts and speech should agree with what God says about us. It is good to find scriptures and memorize them or write them out to keep our remembrance tuned up. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  5. Stories hold great power, don’t they, like words, to affirm life or death. You reminded us of this in a beautiful, succinct way today, and I’m grateful.


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