People lose their ways in life sometimes–the pressure, the lures, the thoughts…and at some point, they find themselves far from where they had planned to be, or far from where they simply wanted to be, on the other side of a river too deep to cross, and so they sit there, in tears.

And to them, it feels like there is no way out. And they say things like, “I lost my way,” or “I lost my religion.”

I remember when I lost my religion. But it was a different kind of loss. Because my religion, it was nicely packaged between the pages of my Bible and the traditions of my little local church. I knew what God was like, and what He wanted from me. I knew what was acceptable, and how far I could go before “it” became a no-no. I knew how many hours a week I needed to dedicate to God so that  I could go on with my life without guilt.

And then, God showed up. Big, and strong, and loud and completely out of character as far as I was concerned.

And I lost my religion.


We were sitting in church on that Sunday night, singing an old hymn, and the one line says, “and He knows my name; and You know my name.” And God, without any fanfare or anything, He just let me know down to my toes that He indeed knew my name. And everything else about me. And that He cared. Deeply. And then, I saw the blood of His Son cover me. And I lost  my excuses. And I lost all kinds of addictions–my addiction to tobacco, and my addiction to self being the most relevant person in my life.

And then I realized that I lost one more thing: I had lost my religion.

And this loss, it is wonderful.

And I don’t plan to ever go looking for it. Some things are better off lost forever.

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