I hurry out of the store into the rain, looking for my car in the parking lot. It is dreary and grey and I want to get home a.s.a.p. And that is when my eye caught her, sprawled out on the sidewalk across from me, staring. Our eyes met and I ran to her.

“Are you okay, Ma’am?”

“Well, I don’t know.”

Her glasses are a few feet away on the sidewalk and blood is gushing from her nose and her left hand, which looks a weird purple to me. The rain keeps washing the blood away, but it keeps coming back, from the inside out. Her left shoe is untied.

“You must have slipped on that shoelace,” I say. “Let me tie your shoe.”

A couple of store employees rush out. “We called 911,” the one says.

“Oh, but I’ve got to get home, you know,” the old woman says. “I have to get home before it gets dark.”

She tries to get up but it’s not working. The rain is soaking her. There is blood on the sidewalk now, mixed with little pebbles and rain. It slides down to the street.

“I think you just need to stay here a few minutes,” I say. “Someone will surely take you home.”

oldThe store employees and I stand her up. They convince her to go back in the store and sit a while. Me, I stand there, soaked to the bones on the sidewalk, with a little river of blood at my feet, and I think that I don’t know where my keys are, and I wish I knew that lady’s husband’s phone number so I could tell him about her, and I wonder who will take her home, or will she have to stay in the hospital. I am thinking that she will need stitches, and will it hurt?

And I want to run in the store and say that I will stay with her and go in the ambulance with her and even stay overnight if she needs me. But I feel so foolish, so I retrieve my keys from one of my shopping bags and wonder how they got there. And I go to my car and drive home.

Cheyenne Zombie Fest

And at night, I keep thinking about my lady sprawled out on the sidewalk with the blood making little rivers on the stone beneath her, and I marvel at the human heart’s ability to care for people it doesn’t even know. Because I think I know me, and I would say that I am all about me and I only care about people I know and love. But on that sidewalk today, my heart proved me wrong. And I thank God for His work in me.

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  1. Oh wow, this story made me think of my own mom.
    She fell several times, before going to the nursing home.
    Someone was with her each time, thank God!

    So thankful for those people who are willing to help.


  2. What a loving response. Could have been me – I fell Wed. on ice, cracking my head. No one was arounde – our street was quiet. I still ache. We must help those we can – I am sure that lady blesses you for your caring.


  3. Just being there was a blessing to the sweet woman. I do hope someone phoned her husband. You left her in good hands and did what you could do. Yes at times we do things we thought we could not do and this was one of them. Thank you for sharing at Tell Me a Story.


  4. Being there until help came – it can be lifechanging. Someone did that for my mom, saved her life really – and just walked on out of her life. I know she wants to thank the woman – did an article in her newspaper about the angel who saved her. So glad you were able to be there!


  5. You never know…even for the short time you showed that lady care and concern on the sidewalk, that may have been exactly what she needed for encouragement. Stories like this remind me of the good Samaritan in the Bible. That’s why our hearts and minds need to be close to God every day, so that we don’t miss out on those moments. Have a blessed day!


  6. What a wonderful thing you could do to help that lady and that you are still thinking of her and praying for her. Thanks for sharing this great post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


  7. It gives me hope in us people when I see some of us rushing the help others. Hope she is alright. Yes, we do have opportunities to affirm we do love beyond the comfort of the known. Blessings, LInda visinting from Still Saturday.


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