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A solitaire game of cards is a funny thing. Well actually, I am talking about Spider Solitaire, because this is the only one I actually play. I play as a means to relax for five minutes between everything that is going on in my life. I let my mind wander while I think on the numbers. It feels good. Unless I get hooked, but that is another story.

cardAnd lots of things are happening while I play; I find solutions to totally unrelated problems. I discover that some ideas have been germinating in my head and are ready to come out. Play is a funny thing, you know. It somehow helps us be creative, it gives us permission to explore new paths. t does us good.

Because my mind is free while I play solitaire, I have been thinking indeed. And actually, I have been thinking about the process of playing solitaire. And you know what I found out? Solitaire is much the same as life…

So, here you go–my top five:

1. Sometimes, there are connections right in front of you, but you are somehow blinded to them. You can only begin to see them as you utilize what is in front of you. As you move forward, your eyes are opened to what has been there all along.

2. You just can’t skip steps. Nothing works if you skip steps.

3. You can’t call it quits until you tried everything, because sometimes, it’s the very last thing you try that opens all the doors.

4. Sometimes, things don’t go your way at all. And when you get to the place where nothing seems to work at all, it’s time to walk away for a little while. Because walking away clears your head. And that’s when you realize that you never have a good reason to throw in the towel. Because tomorrow comes.

5. Life is full of surprises.

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