She Loved You Well

Dear Andrew,

When you both were young, raising the kids, filling the days with play and laughter and meals around the table, love was easy and sweet, and your wife, she loved you well.

And just like it does for all of us, life happened to you two. Over the years, your body did not always play fair, and it played tricks on you. And your wife, she loved you well through that difficult journey.

And at times, you refused to listen to what that body was needing, and your stubbornness made life a bit challenging in your home. But your wife, she stood by you through it all, picking up the pieces that were salvageable, and always looking at the good in you, finding ways to put a smile on your face.

Your wife, she loved you well.

And on Friday night, your body just gave up. It stopped fighting for life, it decided to let go. And your spirit, it was set free.


And your wife who loved you so well, she knows that the fight is finally over, and that it’s best because you are at peace. But your sweet wife who loved you so well, she is left with a house too silent without you, and hands that long to hold you one more time, and winter evening hours that stretch slowly into the morning dawn, and a heart that still needs to nurture, to love, to give.

And as I look at this woman who loved you so well, I realize that your life was richly blessed. And it settles my heart concerning your early departure.

Your wife, she loved you well.

And we who have watched her love you so well, we have been changed by her love for you. Because your wife who loved you so well, she taught us by example.

She is planning your funeral, loving you till the end, and my heart aches for her. But we will follow her footsteps, and I want you to know that we are going to love her as well as we know how–she showed us how so well.

And we will watch over her and see how the Lord fills the house with laughter again, and causes her hands to hold life in them again, and turns the hours into delightful moments. Because your wife who loved you well, she belongs to the King, and He loves her so well.

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  1. What a sad yet beautiful story of loving well, even through rough times, and then still loving even when death knocks at the door. Thank you for sharing your moving story with us here at Tell me a Story.


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