March 2015 Letter–Dear Life Coaching Client

Dear Life Coaching Client,

No matter what I do in life, I wind up motivating people. That’s how God wired me. And it makes my heart sing. There really isn’t much more rewarding in life than to see someone’s face light up when they realize that they really, really, really can go for “it,” whatever “it” is.

Professionally, I wear a lot of hats, from Essential Oils Educator to Holistic Health Practitioner, and the same theme runs through all of them–I help people take ownership of their lives. One of those hats is Certified Life Coach. For many reasons, this is truly the most fascinating and rewarding hat I have ever worn; it simply fits me like a glove. I get such joy out of watching someone’s soul take on boldness and purpose. 


Coaching has been around for a long time. It all started with sports, as teams found themselves in need of someone to come alongside the athletes and give them a frame work in order to accomplish their goals. It’s that simple.

Life coaches do the same thing: they help you reach your goals or make changes in your life. 

Life coaching is not counseling. Counselors are trained in helping people move through things from the past from which they need healing or closure. They deal with pain, struggles and move toward finding healing rather than potential and goals. Life coaching does not deal with your past nor does it try to fix it.

Life coaching simply deals with the present. Right here, right now. And where you want to go. That’s it!

To become a life coach, I had to go through extensive listening training. It was tough. If you are anything like I used to be, you probably listen with the intent of talking back, so you really only listen for your own purposes. As a Life coach, I have learned to listen for what you are really saying. I listen with my ears, my eyes, my body. Then you and I, we work with what you are really saying, and we discover what you really want, and whether it’s the right thing for you, and how to get there.

Life coaching is all about empowering you to “own your life,” whatever it means to you in the here and now. Because to tell you the truth, you already have your answers on the inside of you. You may not have discovered them yet, but as I ask the hard questions and you answer from your gut, your true life purpose or dream or need or issue will surface and you will recognize it. All I do is help you uncover it.  Then, I get to witness how you designs a plan to get that desire, dream or goal into motion and bring it to fruition. You and I, we concentrate on what works, not what doesn’t. You and I, we practice acting, not reacting. And I get to stand by you every step of the way, and to keep you accountable. You and I, we trust each other. And I get to watch you succeed, and handle failure along the way, and succeed some more, and tweak your goals or habits until it’s just right, and then, I get to cheer you on all the way to the finish line. You and I, we kick butt!

I have the best job in the whole wide world! 

I just launched my brand-new Life Coaching website at Wanna come and visit?

Thank you for all that you are to me,


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  1. What a wonderful job/ministry! I like how you describe learning how to listen – and its not about listening with the intent of talking back. I’m trying to learn how to do that now – and it is VERY hard! Wishing you Shalom in your week – and in your job!


  2. Life coaching is in high demand now! There are so many people seeking advice and help in moving forward and realizing their dreams. I look forward to checking out your site. Though I know much of my calling and purpose in life, pursuing my dreams and passions has proved difficult. I find myself doubting my talents and abilities. Life coaching would probably help. 😉


  3. Loving what you do is absolutely one of the best things in the world. What an inspiring post and thank you for clearing up the difference between a life coach and a counselor. I am one of those who was confused about this. So glad I found you at Testimony Tuesday. Blessings to you on your future endeavors. -Abby


  4. Thank you for the excellent review of what a Life Coach actually does to help people focus on their goals and then to go forward to accomplish it. Thanks for sharing at Tell me a Story.


  5. I love this post my friend and what a great niche you have found! I am on the road to gaining my certificate for Christian Life Coaching! I am LOVING the course! You can truly tell when life coaching is a calling by the excitement that one feels after completing a coaching session! It’s just AWESOME watching God work in the lives of others! Questions are so powerful.


  6. There’s nothing better than recognizing a gift God give each one of us. Yours is great! Thanks for linking up at Thursday Favorite Things, please visit us again next week!


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