Ambassadors represent their country while in another country. That’s a pretty simple concept, really, but that is also a very cool one. Because ambassadors, even though they are not in their own country at the moment they function as ambassadors, they really do know what their country is like–traditions, ways, foods, the whole nine yards. They can tell you all about it. And they actually do–with a pride that’s hard to hide, a good kind of pride.



Often, they don’t even tell you with their word; there is just a way about them that lets you know where they are from, that tells you about their country. Have you ever walked into an American Embassy while abroad? You feel at home as soon as you go through those doors, because of the “American feel,” from the language to the furniture, clothing and … well, just “ways.” On the other hand, have you entered an embassy from a foreign country while in your own? I did that once while living in Europe. I walked into a Saudi Arabia embassy. I immediately felt diisoriented, like I really did not belong–the clothing, the language, the furniture, the ways–nothing felt like home.

I am an ambassador for my King Jesus. To those who know Him, I am a reminder of what God can do, what God does, what God is like. To those who do not know Him, I am a message of what goes on in my Father’s kingdom, a picture of a different place with its ways, language, feel.

So when God put me on the Potters’ wheel last week, I remembered that the work is necessary for me first of all, but then also for all those who will know about my King through my life. As I let the Potter make me into a useful vessel, people all around me find out more about Him.

God gets down to business with me, because He takes my role as an ambassador very seriously. He plans to show Himself to all through all of His people–I am not excluded. And He understands that an ambassador only talks about what he knows, only portrays the country he is familiar with. So my God, He makes sure I know Him. He lets me taste His kindness so I can reflect it. He lets me hear Him sing love songs to me so I can beam out his love. He lets me in on His insight, so His wisdom can flow out of me. He calls me into His Presence, so I can be more like Him. Being an ambassador is quite a treat. And a responsibility.

I say yes.


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  1. Oh that potters wheel hurts, but we hopefully come out better than before. I am reminded that as a young person, our youth group was called “Christ Ambassadors.” We do represent our King Jesus. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  2. Wonderful post as it is so true – – Walking into an embassy feels like you have come “home”. There is such a feeling of safety & comfort which is conveyed. May others feel the safety & comfort of God’s Kingdom when they are in our company. Blessings today!


  3. Thank you for saying “yes” to King Jesus! And thank you for sharing. I love the idea of being an Ambassador of His Kingdom.
    Blessings of GREAT JOY on your amazing journey with Jesus!


  4. You are so right Barbara about being an Ambassador for God and His kingdom, thank you for sharing the joy you have in being in this position with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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