This Thing called Life

It isn’t always easy, this thing called life. Actually, it’s really, really hard at times.

He was a young man, filled with dreams and a simple deep faith in God,and he fell in love. She was a young woman, filled with questions and a hope that God would be enough, and she was delighted to be loved. And they got married, filled with the confidence of youth, bursting with excitement for the new life about to start, convinced that they would be able to conquer it all.


But it isn’t always easy, this thing called life.

And she made some foolish declarations and listened to the wrong voices, and the young woman filled with hope that God would be enough, she found herself unwilling to yield to truth, and she broke covenant.

And the young man’s dreams were crushed. And his simple, deep faith in God was tested to the limit. And I stood by, on my knees, and wondered where he would end. And wondered whether he would survive.

Because it can sometimes feel like death, this thing called life.

loneliness1He found himself alone. His friends stood by, and held him up, and carried him when necessary, but the loneliness did not leave. And the pain tore him deep, and the wound bled him almost dry, and I shuttered, on my knees, begging for help, pleading for comfort.

Because it can sometimes feel hopeless, this thing called life.

And this man of God, he was kept alive by his simple deep faith. He survived. Whether he saw the light or not, he got up each day, and he held on to God, and he put on his shoes, and he put one foot in front of the other, day after day after day. And the shoes felt heavy, and the steps were excruciating slow, but he kept on keeping on, day after day after day, choosing to walk the way of those who had gone before, serving God rather than feeling sorry for himself. And I cheered him on, on my knees, so proud the I knew him.

Because it is laced with grace, this thing called life.

And God, He came down. And God, He showed up and delivered the man of God. And the man of God, he is free. And I laughed with joy on my knees, delighting in my King.

Because it is extraordinary, this thing called life.

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  1. This. “Because it can sometimes feel like death, this thing called life”. How true! But so thankful for the hope and joy that also radiate through this post. God is faithful. He is with us. He loves us so very much.


  2. Betrayal is often like a death, but probably worse. Your young man held on to the rock and now he is free. May he go on to find happiness with someone who is true. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


  3. Congratulations Barbara – you are one of our Featured Guests at this week’s Inspire Me Monday party at Create With Joy! Thanks for sharing your extremely moving post with us!


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