March 2015 Letter–Dear Friends

March 2015 Letter–Dear Friends,

Yesterday was such a picture to me of the richness and complexity of life.

Two of you, my dear friends, suddenly lost people you loved–and my heart aches for you. I sense your pain, and I hurt at the realization that I can’t make your suffering disappear. So I wow to just be there with you, and hold your hand for a while.

holding hands!

In the middle of the day, I heard of the success that one of you is experiencing, and my heart swelled with pride. I wanted to sing and dance and shout all through my house–I am so proud to know you right now!

And last night, I spent time with two of my most seasoned friends; we ate down-to-earth food, sitting around a well-worn table, and we laughed and talked and enjoyed the simple moment, and my heart was full at the realization that the seasons of grief and sorrow and joy and challenges have come and gone, and we still are together and friendship is for real.


As I crawled into bed, I thanked God for each one of you. My life is indeed wrapped up in the ones I love, and that’s you, my dear Ones.

Thank you for the privilege of doing life with you.


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  1. It sounds like your day ran through the entire gamut of life experiences. I am glad it ended on a good note with beloved friends.

    I keep trying to get to your new website, but can’t get there. When I try the link in your post, it sends me to a Frontier page with a LOT of Barbara Isaacs. When I try to write it in myself, it sends me to another Barbara Isaac who is definitely not you. Am I the only one who is having problems? I would love to see your other site.


  2. Happy Easter to you Barbara. As always, you writing touches my heart.

    I also tried to visit your new website – clicking on the link in this and your previous post – and was unable to get there. Could you please double check the link and if you drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment with the correct URL, I’d be happy to visit! 🙂


  3. I was thinking the other day about jealousy in some people and they get upset when others are promoted, or prosper in some way. I was reminded that the scriptures tell us to weep with those who sorrow, and rejoice and be happy for those who have reason to be glad. You are a good example of those who share with others their pain or their success, even ready to dance for joy. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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