She came in a hurry, this tiny bullet of life–not even seven pounds and full of promises. Jet black hair and huge fingers, dainty but strong to the bone.


And her Momma, she was a trooper, wrapped in grace. And her Momma, she delivered her to life down here. With her gentle care, she is teaching her about love, and kindness, warmth and the God who made her. And her Momma, she is setting her up for a life of worship.


He cut her cord and also released her into this world so full of good, and evil and everything in between. And in cutting that cord, he committed himself to her. He simply committed to be there for her all the days of his life, teaching her how to first stand up, then walk, guiding her every step of the way, providing for her needs from the inside out. That’s who he is, this Daddy of hers.


And my husband and I, we marvel in worshipful awe at the God who creates such a tiny perfect miracle. After thirty-five years of quilting, we know that the road ahead is uncertain, and scary, and filled with possible potholes and dangers. But in thirty-five years of quilting, we’ve learned a thing or two about our God’s faithfulness. So we marvel. And we joy ourselves in the moment.

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  1. Beautiful ….the stories of His unending love and faithfulness in our lives! Drink deep and enjoy His closeness with our children and their children….What a God of Agape Love!


  2. What a sweet dream come true and beautiful parents to teach and guide her to worship and love Jesus. Yes quilting over the years must have brought many pricks from the needle and how they hurt, but also heal quickly – as those tiny pieces fit together to form the lovely pattern for comfort, reflection, love, warmth and peace. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a True Story.


  3. What a precious, perfect little blessing! Congratulations to you, and thank you for sharing the joy of your miracle here for us to enjoy as well. Blessings!


  4. An amazing miracle — momma, daddy and grandparents know that birthing her is only the beginning of new love. It’s a joy to welcome little ones who will not remember the first time they heard about Jesus.


  5. What a beautiful baby and what a wonderful blessing. Being a grandparent is such a wonderful time of life and we have 2 granddaughters already and another baby coming in September. It is so hard to find the words that tell of the total joy this brings. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this wonderful post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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