Dear Successful People,

I have been watching you. And even though I know there probably are a million blog posts and research articles about what it you do to be successful, or even how you yourselves define success, I wanted to address you today. Because as I watch you, I see these strong characteristics in you, and I wanted to let you know that I notice: 

1. You go until

I think that is to me a most profound revelation about your success. In order to get it, you have to go until. How long? Until. Until what? Until you know you are there. You just go until. You must have developed some serious resistance muscles in order to do that! 


2. You learn

When you don’t know something but need to know it in order to go on, you just figure out a way to learn and master it and then you go on. Actually, I think you keep on learning forever. Because it looks to me like you never ever stop stretching your  minds and brains. You never think you have arrived–I love that!

3. You overcome

This is what happens when you put 1 and 2 together. You go, go, go and if there is an obstacle, you do whatever needs to be done to go past it, often by learning something new. And that is how you overcome.

4. You work, checking your worries at the door

You just don’t dwell on worries and doubt because you are busy focusing on what you are working on. Work is not a dirty word for you; you thrive on it. It seems to make you come alive; maybe it’s because you are creating, or is it because you feel empowered? 

5. You tackle your limiting beliefs

Somewhere along the way you realized that you can be your worst enemy or your strongest ally, and you have been practicing thinking about what you think about, challenging your thoughts, addressing your doubts.


6. You energize people around you

I am not quite sure how this happens, but energy seems to flow out of you. I love being around you, because you make me want to work and create. you make me feel alive. You make me believe that I can.  

Dear Successful People, 

Thank you for all you are to me.


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