Every Wednesday night, we put the garbage out on the curb and we expect the garbage man to come and get it. I like the feeling I get after he comes; I put the empty can back in the garage, ready for a new week. The thought to “guard” my garbage never occurs to me. I don’t stare at it while it’s on the curb to make sure no one steals it–actually, I don’t even give it a thought after it’s out there.


There are some “things” that I do guard, though, like my children, and now my beautiful grand-children. When my kids were little, I was pretty ferocious at guarding them actually; these babies needed to be watched over, to be kept. I guarded them with very life.

My Treasures

I guard my friendships. I treasure them. They are worth my energy, time and watchful eye.105

I guard my marriage with everything in me. It is a gift from God that deserves all of my attention; and then some.


I guard God’s Word, I treasure it.

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And I am discovering something amazing–what I am guarding guards me. Those children I have guarded with my very life, they are now kindly watching over me in one way or another; those precious friendships, they keep me sane and sober in difficult times. That marriage of mine, it is the wind beneath my wings in so many ways.

And that Word of God, it completely utterly keeps me day in and day out. It feeds me, guides me, joys me, strengthens me, comforts me, rebukes me, disciplines me, loves me, wraps grace all around me, cheers me on, pushes me, sings over me, holds my hand. That Word of God that I guard, it guards me.

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