The wall you show is hard as stone, but I see the face behind it, ravaged with so much pain, betrayal and shame. You won’t even meet my eyes, and my heart is crying out to you that I still love you and you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Brick Wall Clip Art-BrickWall

And I know that the only help for you is in the Lover of your soul, the One who bore it all for you before it even happened. And the Jesus card, it’s always the winning one. But everything in your body language screams that you don’t want to hear it, and that for now you are pleased to simply remain in pain, justified and not, pain that feels good but is killing you silently, pain that you love to wear like a medal of honor.

I long to wrap my arms around your crushed being to tell you of His available grace that can seep in like hope and help you breathe again.

Because I too have known that grief so raw that you can’t speak, that pain that takes your breath away and you don’t even mind–actually you welcome it. But I have also discovered that in letting Jesus into those excruciating places, there is true love that forgives, true love that gladly suffers the unearned shame for the sake of another, true love that lifts its head because of Who lives in you. True love that helps you smile again from the inside out.

And as I look at that wall you so carefully constructed, I am so thankful that it is temporary, because I know the power of Your Savior’s love, and I know that He will help you open and pour out your heart. He will lead you to a place where you let that soiled heart be washed and soothed once more.

So I get on my knees, and in faith, I wrap my arms around your bruised heart and I know that grace will seep in like hope and help you breathe again. Because the Jesus card, it’s always the winning one.

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