July 2015 Letter: Dear Geese

Dear Canadian Geese,

I think you are both amazing and beautiful. Inside and out.

I love to watch you fly in your V formation. Your front and side leaders have the hardest job, taking the brunt of the weather up there, but it’s just amazing how you  rotate leaders every so often, the leader falling back when tired, probably so he can rejuvenate a bit while the whole flock continues to fly. The other day, I found out that you can cover 1,500 miles in 24 hours if you want to! You even have designated rest stops in your travels! And I love how I can hear you call to each other, from clucks to loud calls. 


Your V formation helps you keep track of every bird in the flock. And when one of you goose goes down, two other ones go down with it and stay with the one who had to go down until it dies or has strength enough to fly again. Then the three of you try to catch up with your flock, or you go ahead and join another flock.


Watching you and learning about you gives me a sense of awe. How did you learn these social skills? They say that it is instinct, but how did that even get written in your DNA? My heart and mind stand in awe of our mutual Maker, dear Geese.

And I realize that I have much to learn from you and probably from every living thing that He created. It is as though He deposited little hints of Himself in each of His creations, crafting them with so much wisdom and love.

Dear Canadian Geese,

Thank you for all that you are to me,


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  1. I love to watch the geese, too. I did not know about them staying with one that can’t keep up. That is amazing. And it shows you that all of God’s creations are amazing and wondrous…well, except for maybe flies…and mosquitoes…and ticks…lol


  2. We are missing the geese this time of year, they travel down to our state in the winter and then leave for colder climate in the summer. See you next year geese!


  3. I love this. These geese are so fine, recalling having them around and honking above in Bend, OR. I last saw some in the TX Hill Country a couple of years ago. Migration to and fro is one aspect of the way they are led by God but your post taught me even more about these beautiful birds. So thankful you are my neighbor at Laura’s.


  4. They are amazing, aren’t they? A family of Canadian geese lived outside one of our last homes and we’d watch them all the time. So interesting! And yeah -even the geese cry out testimony to our Maker!!


  5. Love this, Barbara! It is astounding to me that God has “wired” geese to be so “for each other.” So much to learn from them. So much to learn about our Maker, as you said.


  6. Thank you for sharing your awesome post with us here at “Tell Me a Story.” http://letmetelluastory.blogspot.com/ It is amazing how God programs into creatures just what they are to know and how to do it. Caring for one another even as geese should be an example to us all. God does take care of the birds and He cares for us too. What a blessing to know that we can place our trust in Him.


  7. Just a wonderful post, I agree that we can see our Creators hand so clearly. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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