35 Years and Growing

My husband and I recently celebrated 35 years of marriage. We rented a little house in the middle of nowhere for four days and just delighted in the gift of each other.

usWhile sitting on the deck one night, we thought of what these 35 years taught us about marriage. In  no particular order, here are our 35 nuggets of wisdom–one per year:

1. Thirty-five years is only a beginning

2. It’s all about communication

3. There are no magic potions

4.Keep showing each other that you love one another

5. It’s the little things

6. The covenant of marriage is a safe haven

7. Remember to laugh together

8.Don’t expect more of your spouse than you do of yourself

9. Enjoy the moments

10. Practicing true forgiveness makes everything else possible

11.Spice it up

12. Make the best out of a burnt dinner–see #7. This was our dinner that night, and we really enjoyed it:


13.Understand how your spouse interprets your speech

14. Listen to music together

15. Seek out ways to please your mate

16. Hold hands every day

17. Encourage your spouse’s personal growth and goals, especially when they are different than yours. Becoming one does not mean becoming the same.

18. Do say “I love you” every day and mean it

19. Once in a while, do something together you have never done before

20. Don’t spend your today living for tomorrow.

21. Respect your spouse’s need for personal space

22. Cook together once in a while

23. Learn to listen; really listen

24. Work hard; play hard together

25. Let your marriage bless the socks off others in your lives

26. True intimacy is put together one shared thought and shared emotion at a time. It does not happen automatically

27. Splurge on yourselves every so often

28. Dance together when no one is watching

29.Don’t try to change your mate; accept and love him/her as he/she is

30. Enjoying each other is a decision

31. Look at the sunset together

32. It’s not all about you

33. Transparency is something developed

34. Pray together every day

35. Just breathe together

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  1. Barbara – I commented a second ago and it seems to be wandering around in cyberspace…feel free to delete this if it’s a repeat…

    Congratulations on 35 years! Wow – you guys rock! I was going to tell you which of your 35 nuggets was my favorite, but quite honestly – they’re all good. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in January. It’s amazing, looking at how much we’ve changed in those 20 years… how much we’ve grown together…

    One of my favorite sayings that came out of my husband’s first deployment (if favorite things can EVER come out of deployment…) is “I love you today.” It’s definitely a way to manage separation one day at a time. We still say it EVERY day!

    I am glad we are neighbors at RaRaLinkup today. Have a great week!


  2. And, dance together even WHEN people are watching. It’ll be 33 years in November – and this is my SECOND marriage. LOL! (Another story for another time!) Great tips, my friend! Visiting from a linkup but I can’t remember which one!!!


  3. Congratulations on celebrating 35 years of marriage. I agree with all your 35 suggestions and I also believe renting that cabin for 4 days was a great idea.
    Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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