Dear Change of Seasons,

You are here once more. You faithfully show up every few months, not on a regular schedule but pretty regularly still.  You blow in with the winds and you make the light change all around. You affect schedules, routines, and even the foods that grow and are harvested. Menus change when you arrive, smells come and go with you, even the music that people choose to play differs with each one of your entries.

Your arrival announces that nothing stays the same, even though nothing is new under the sun. It reminds us always that life must be lived in the moment because one moment it is there and the next it is no more. Like the long hours of summer, or the beauty of fall, the heavy blanket of snow that only comes in the winter, and the brilliant colors of spring.


You dance all around us a few times a year, silently speaking of our need for flexibility, the power of nature, and the faithfulness of God.

You add joy to our days, telling us of the Creator’s amazing ability to keep us on our toes, to surprise us from one day to another, to declare His love through the beauty that each season ushers.

Because of you, I have learned to never get too comfortable in one place. because you make sure I remember that life changes at all times. And because of you, I have so much to look forward to.

Dear Changes of Seasons, thank you for all that you are to me.


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