We hear it all the time, “it’s the little things.” You know, like the smile you freely gave to that scared child and it settled her heart, and the little note you dropped in the mail that lit up your lonely friend across the ocean, and the muffins you baked for your sick neighbor; or the home-grown flowers that your friend dropped on your porch just because, or the ten minutes spent in the sun that rejuvenated you.

We all know it. And some of us practice doing the little things, noticing the little things, being thankful for the little things. Others of us don’t, and when we don’t, we miss out big time!

So, for those of us who need a little encouragement in actively seeking out the little things, here is a short list to get us started. I have included little things for others, and little things for you; who is in?

~find someone to genuinely thank today, and do it creatively

~enjoy your morning coffee without your computer; just once. OK, how about just the first two minutes?

~take a five minutes walk in your neighborhood

~return your cart after grocery shopping


~greet your server or clerk by name–check the name tag!

~look closely at a flower and let yourself marvel

~find something nice about someone you don’t like very much; could you go the extra step and tell them? I know, that’s asking a lot, but it really is a little thing…

~take the time to compliment whoever cooked your dinner

~go have coffee, a beer, a glass of wine or an ice cream cone with someone who needs to talk


~listen to some music before you go to bed

~clean out that drawer that has been screaming at you

~tell your grown-up child that you love him/her

~take a deep breath. And then another.

How does it feel? Yep. I thought so. It’s the little things, you know.

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