Intimacy with God is the best. This sense that nothing is hidden from Him, that He knows it all, the safety of never ever having to hide–the good, the bad and the ugly, all wrapped up in complete acceptance..

Intimacy with God. Into-Me–See.

And He chooses to love us just the same.

I have accepted and delight in the thought of not hiding from my Creator. He made me. He knows it all. He loves me as I am. I revel in this.

But my Creator, He had always has much more in mind than what my mind is ready to process, to chew on. And the other day, while I was thanking Him for Into-Me-See, He started to speak to me of His desire that Into-Me-See would be reciprocal. Him seeing into me, and me seeing into Him, without any filter, without any border. God Himself wanting me to take a deep look into His heart, His ways, His purpose, and embrace Him for who He is. Sharing His very being with me. With no limit whats whoever.


Into-Me-See, Lord.

Me looking into You? Speechless…

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  1. Wow, speechless, indeed! But how wonderful/fantastic/awesome to do so!

    I was in my church’s sanctuary last week. No lights were on and I was all by myself. I was passing through to go downstairs. I was stopped in my tracks by an overwhelming feeling of ..I am not sure how to describe it. It was a “Presence” and a “weight” the came over me. (Tears are in my eyes as I write this.) I started to cry and praise God for everything he has done for me. I felt the Presence of God. And I am so very grateful for the experience. It gave me goose bumps then…and still every time I think of it.



  2. Thanks for sharing this! Intimacy seems like such a difficult thing to have with Christ. I’m definitely more book-smart than heart-smart when it comes to my relationship with Him. I am constantly trying to remind myself that this is a “relationship”, and not just a contest to see who knows the Scriptures better. lol.


  3. Intimacy = Into Me See. LOVE that, Barbara. He’s speaking and you are listening. That’s lovely. And intimate.


    FYI- Please share your words each Friday at DanceWithJesus Linkup at Bless others there too!


  4. Like all relationship I tend to get too busy to spent time being intimate. I love the freedom that comes from His love that even when I am too busy, He never say sorry , no time now for you when I finally get around to wanting quality time with Him. Oh to be more like Him.


  5. How fine! — Intimacy with God. Into-Me–See! I will remember this for I want to know Him so well. Knowing that He knows me from always gives me such a calming feeling. Glad I came by from Jennifer’s.


  6. Beautiful post, Barbara! There’s nothing greater than intimacy with THE LORD. Thanks so much for sharing this! Blessed to visit with you tonight. Peace and many blessings to you, Love! 🙂


  7. It is amazing when we “Hang out” with Jesus that it is just Him and me. I think that is why we say we have a “Personal” savior. He is ours and we are His. Thanks for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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