What I Did This Summer V

Following my tradition for the last four years, here is my what-I-did-this-summer post:

I did a lot of driving with my hubby while expanding my business, I sat in my hot tub looking at the stars at night, I played battleship and lost, I played battleship and won, I fought against depression with the Word of God and won, counted lightning bugs, laughed till I cried, welcomed two beautiful grand-daughters into the world, got really good at making crusty bread, visited with my daughter in Virginia, traveled to SLC and loved the heat, received flowers, gave flowers, smelled flowers, picked flowers, loved flowers, ate corn on the cob, went to a white party,


scrubbed floors and window seals, forgave, received forgiveness, cried over lost babies and young girls who can’t seem to find their way in life, prayed for them and cheered them on, rejoicing over the tiniest progress I saw in them, scrubbed my house, enjoyed family times, realized how short life is, decided to just breathe at times and never regretted it, worked like a horse at times and sensed that my work was good, was amazed by how much my grand kids look like my sons, enjoyed looking at the world through Emmaline’s eyes, received instruction from God for the next season of my life, changed lives with essential oils, stood in awe of this thing called life, ate Indian food and loved it, thanked the Lord for His provision, stood amazed at His provision, thoroughly enjoyed His care for me, called my mom, went floating in a pod, did a boot camp for kids, saw the Pirates play, went out and ate best meal ever, made plans for a special week-end, celebrated 35 years with my hubby, dreamed with my hubby, laughed with my hubby, worked with my hubby, fell in love with my hubby, ate ice cream, got a pedicure, went swimming but not often enough, made peace with my white hair, saw hope rise up and how it changes someone, learned a new song, was filled with pride as I watched my sons be wonderful fathers, walked my dog in the woods, walked my dog with my friend Laura, walked my dog around a lake, prayed and worshiped while walking my dog, fell while walking my dog, saw my church family grow in numbers and maturity, watched my daughter serve her brethren in Nicaragua, met up with friends I had not seen in too many years,


said good bye, said hello, welcomed so many days aware of God’s faithfulness, did not rest enough, played with Emmaline, got braces, worked out under the stars, got very sore, ate a smore and it wasn’t as good as I remembered, realized that I am in a new season, embraced my new season, renewed a precious friendship, trusted God and never regretted it, read a few books, saw a hopeless situation change, ate tomatoes and cucumbers and peaches and strawberries, surprised someone with a week-end full of surprises, lit candles, lit a fire, watched a bonfire and loved it, lived well.


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  1. Oh, my gosh. I want to be friends with you. (I did just color my hair myself, however. (:)
    Loved your list, Can relate to much of it. Isn’t it fun adding our voice to all these youngsters on the web? Next to you this morning in CA on threewordwednesday.


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