Dear Truth,

Truth is truth, right? 

Yet as I get older and my hair get a bit whiter, I am finding out that you are not so much like a flat surface, but more like a coin with two sides; each side matters, and together they form your whole. But there is no fullness of truth with only one side or the other. 

Some truths, you grant us at birth; they are what they are just because we are. They do not grow nor diminish with time, social status, seasons of life or physical hindrances. We are human beings. We have hearts. We have a Creator and we have been created for a purpose. We are free to choose. We are. 


But your life truths, they are different somehow. They only become ours as we walk in them. Like: we become what we think about regularly; or bad company corrupts good morals; or one step at a time. These are experiential truths that you make us own up to as we mature in life. They have everything to do with age, experience and seasons of life. And they are lived differently for each of us.

Somehow, you made sure that life truths, whether appropriated or not, never negate births truth. But when we don’t yield to those life truths, we just wind up living outside of the fullness of what we have been called to.

I want to put my work boots on and yield to the life truths God is teaching me.

Thank you for all that you are to me,



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