It’s easy to just go with the flow.. Not creating any waves, I just let myself be carried with the natural movement all around, and I am slowly lulled to asleep, rocked by the gentle sound of the water.

But when I wake up, I find myself so far from where I need to be, and I don’t like it very much. Fighting the natural flow is hard, especially because I have been practicing the opposite for a while. And sometimes, it feels like it is too late, and the battle will be too fierce, or too long, so I just give up before I start.

You ever feel like that?

It may not look like it at all, but what it all comes down to is heart watching. If I watch over my heart in the very beginning of the flow and move my focus just a bit, everything can change.

thEver heard about the butterfly effect theory? It basically refers to the idea that a butterfly’s wings create tiny, tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado in another part of the world. It doesn’t imply that the butterfly created the tornado, just that the flap of its wing created a small change in the conditions, and this change kind of mimicked a domino effect.

When I watch over my heart, I know when not to go with the flow. And that is the same thing as resisting the tiny changes in the atmosphere that would ultimately carry me away from grace.

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