January 2016 Letter: Dear Word with Legs

Dear Words with Legs,

Today is the first day of a brand new year, and you reminded me this morning that you are alive and well. I have known for a long time that your reach is always deeper, wider, higher, longer than what seems, but today somehow, you wanted to tell me how much deeper, wider, higher and longer it truly is, so I listened. 

You told me about how sometimes, you run full speed ahead with your strong legs and violently crash into someone’s mind, forcing the person to rearrange a few things. And other times, you tip toe as silently as you can and gently push your way into a heart, not stopping until you have your full effect.

That’s the thing about you: you just won’t quit until you accomplish what you were sent to do. That’s how God made you to function. He gave you tireless legs, and a set mind that  keeps going on and on and on forever.  You are like little arrows, your legs taking you right where your author intends you to go.   

And that can be very, very good. Like the time you worked your way into the deepest part of  my soul and convinced me that God is with me forever. I still see your imprint in there every single day.


But your persistence can also be very, very bad.

Because most of your authors don’t know your power, or don’t consider it. They play with you, not realizing that you are like a never-ending fire with your strong legs, and you can burn up souls, and marriages, and entire families, and homes, and minds, and countries.

At the beginning of this brand new year, I hear you loud and clear, dear words with legs. Your warning is filled with love, but it is a warning nonetheless: When I send you out, you are going to do the very thing I sent you out for.

Would you please remind me periodically that your legs don’t quit? I want your legs to bring forth hope, and joy, and peace and purpose.


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  1. I like your take on the new year and all the words being thrown at us as to having legs. My thoughts go to a saying about often we must put legs to our prayers. Thank you for your lovely post shared with us here at Tell me a Story.


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