It was just one of those days, you know, when your soul is pulled in so many directions you don’t quite know where you stand, where you belong or if you even belong any place. And when this happens, I can be so very quiet at times, and at other times, I will speak before I think. So the words, they just came out of my mouth without any filter.

And words have legs, you know?

As I tossed and turned in bed that night, I thought about those legs, and I dreaded where they would take these words of mine. But I also thought about how tomorrow was a new day, and I could try to make things right, ask for forgiveness, start fresh. And I smiled, pleased with my plan. Took a deep breath and decided to fall asleep.

My mind kept my body from relaxing into the night’s peacefulness. “You might not have tomorrow,” it said.


By the grace of God, I did have tomorrow. And I made things as right as I could, but the words, they still hung in the air for years. Not days, not weeks. Years. But that same grace made a way, and as we grew in maturity and love, we chose to wrap ourselves in mercy and the friendship survived. I am eternally thankful for mercy.

We may not have tomorrow. Let’s do today right. Every little bit of it. And if we mess up, let’s fix it today. Because we just may not have tomorrow.

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  1. so true, so true.. meditating on scripture that reminds us is so helpful..the mouth needs some control!! thanks for the reminder, and so grateful your friendships survived..what a blessing and a great lesson! Visiting today from #playdateswGod

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  2. I’m so very much like you…when I know things are not right, I cannot relax and sleep well through the night. We are not promised a tomorrow, so we should try to “pursue peace with all men”(Hebrews 12:14).


  3. Such a powerful reminder to make the most of each day we are given. Thank you for this reminder. It really is a great way to start the day! Visiting from the Tell Me A Story link-up and wishing you an incredible and grace-filled week!


  4. Words so quickly spoken are not easily taken back, but I am glad you had another day to make things right. My thoughts went to a friend who had a fight with her husband as he was leaving for work. He was a mechanic, and later that after noon, the car he was working on fell and crushed him. Oh the sadness of my friend for not quickly apologizing and making things right. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story . .


  5. Definitely a word of wisdom! I too struggle when I feel like things aren’t right. Sometimes I wonder if it’s me making a bigger deal of the issue or if I really did cause damage by the words I’ve spoken. Thanks for sharing! I’m visiting from Grace & Truth Link up.


  6. Hello Dear Barbara,

    I found you over at the Grace and Truth linkup. Of all the posts, something about your simplistic title and the blank page of the calendar caught my attention.

    I really love what you shared here. Oh my goodness, how our words have legs! You’ve made me consider this in a deeper way. Your comment: “and as we grew in maturity and love, we chose to wrap ourselves in mercy and the friendship survived,” is both lovely and profound. Yes, thank God for his mercy!

    I also clicked over and read your “And words have legs, you know?” post. I really enjoy your writing. It was good getting to know you! Thanks for sharing.



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