Everyday life goes on, and no one would know that your playfulness is gone, because you still smile and giggle and act like you always do. And no matter how hard you try to get it back, it’s gone, because something is lost so deep inside of you, and you don’t think you can ever find it again.

And yes, you love Jesus, yes, you walk with God, yes, you have a relationship with Him. But right now, you are afraid that you are  broken beyond repair.

So you do what you know to do, like saying the right things and putting your mask on just so, dressing yourself  up to be acceptable, and going through the motions of what a person is supposed to do every day. But you are losing steam, and there’s not too much breath left inside of your soul, because nothing works anymore.

And nobody ever showed you what to do when you’ve lost yourself because you were never supposed to lose yourself, because if you lose yourself, how could you possibly find yourself again?

You are broken and lost. And you don’t know how to talk about it, because the words, they dance like a huge chaos in your head, but it’s too complicated of a puzzle, and your mouth can’t quite articulate it. So the wall is growing thicker, and the brokenness is getting bigger.


Yet there are depths within you that are woven even deeper than what you lost, dear one, deeper than what you know, deeper than what there are words for. And there is a God who holds you in the hollow of His hand and will never let go, even when you can’t find your self any longer. Because no matter how lost you are, God knows  where you are. And no matter how broken you are, He’s got all the pieces of you right in His heart. And no matter how dark it feels inside of you, the light of His Spirit is still there, still shining through the mess.

And His love, it is deeper than the deepest despair, and it can find you in the darkest cave because He never lost you.

He never lost you.

He never lost you.

He never lost you.

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